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Everything You Need for Renovation, Decoration and Gardening in Bodrum

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Contact us now for special projects, renovations and gardening works for your home or workplace!  Yıldıray AKYURT | Renovation, Contracting, Garden

Our projects

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With 15 Years of Experience
Our Mission is to Be Reliable and Quality.

We have been doing building renovation, decoration and gardening works in Bodrum and in many regions of Turkey for the last 15 years. Our biggest advertisement in our business is our previous customers, so our mission is to deliver quality work that will make our customers trust us and recommend us to their relatives.

On time

We undertake On-time delivery is our first priority, excluding unexpected delays in work.

Quality Work,
Quality Material

A good wine cannot be made from a bad grape. We combine the best materials with the best workmanship to ensure the longevity of our works.

Single Addressee

We are the sole interlocutor for the work we undertake. No more separate jobs with the painter and separate jobs with the plasterer.


We are committed to working with the best craftsmen in their field.

Why U.S?


Our services

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Renovation and Repair

From minor improvements to major bathroom and kitchen renovations; Many items related to your building, from painting to roof insulation, are included in our services.

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We design projects such as bar, barbecue and pool for your building and turn them into reality.

Bodrum Çim Döşeme

Our services include artificial-real carpet grass applications, aerated concrete-stone wall applications, tree planting and tree removal, irrigation systems installation, fence application and more.

Best Price Guarantee in the Industry!


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For a free quote and evaluation for all your building and garden related works, you can contact:

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+90 (542) 552 5716 |+90 (545) 949 3287

Service Regions:

We provide services in Bodrum, but we also provide services in many cities depending on the size of the business.

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Contact Now for a Free Quote and Evaluation!

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