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Our Open/Close Bar-Sun Terrace Project

eski bir bar

Our customer, who lives in Bodrum, Muğla, was complaining that he did not like the bar he had previously built by an architect(!), which was made with unsuitable materials and looked like it was about to collapse, and that it did not suit his garden.

After analyzing our client's budget, needs, and the rest of the building's architecture, we started thinking about what we could do. Since there wasn't much space around the pool and it didn't get enough sun, we decided to build a bar with a sun terrace that could be closed and opened according to weather conditions.

Yıldıray AKYURT ve malzemeler

Then we started construction work and shipped materials from our suppliers to the project area. We moved the Hea Irons with the help of a crane to the area where the bar construction will be located on the other side of the building.

bodrum bar inşaatı
bar inşaatı

We started the welding process of the bar frame by cutting it according to the dimensions.

bodrum'da bar inşaatı

Then, we completed the painting work and brought the skeleton to its final form. After the installation of the windows, bar mirror, shelves and final touches, the project is ready for delivery.

bodrum'da bar
bahçede bir bar

Here is the final version of our project.

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